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Classification Of Energy Pptclassification Of Fluids Ppt

fluid machinery ppt - slideshare,pumps • on the basis of mode of action of conversion of mechanical energy to hydraulic energy, pumps are classified as • roto-dynamic pumps • positive displacement pumps • in roto-dynamic pumps, increase in energy level is due to combination of centrifugal energy, pressure energy and kinetic energy • in displacement pumps, liquid is sucked and then displaced due to the thrust exerted on it by a moving member that results in the lifting of liquid.nutrients classification - slideshare,rich source of protein(18-22%), b-vitamins and phosphorous. 8.carbohydrates white and brown sugars,jiggery,honey,sago,arrow- root flour and corn flour(custard powder) these serve mainly as source of energy. 9.fats and oils ground out oil, coconut oil,gingely oil , butter,ghee vanaspathi etc. concentrated sources of energy ,sources of fat soluble vitamins especially vitamin e. some.7 - classification of matter.ppt - google slides,properties of matter flammability-how easily does it catch on fire, msds sheet solubility-ability of a given solute (solid) to dissolve in a solvent (liquid) odor-does it have a smell? density-amount of mass per volume melting/boiling point-at what temperature does it melt or boil viscosity-resistance for a liquid to flow-flows slow = high viscosity malleability-ability for a material to bend 6.ppt – classification of matter powerpoint presentation,description: classification of matter. classification by physical state. a gas is a state of matter in which the matter has compounds made up of two or more elements. – powerpoint ppt presentation. number of views: 2268. avg rating:3.0/5.0. slides: 13..

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PPT - Classification of Matter (With Summary Notes

PPT - Classification Of Matter (With Summary Notes

this unit bundle contains 24 resources needed for a typical middle school chemistry unit on classification of matter.the bundle contains a unit ppt and corresponding student summary notes, worksheets, lab activities, formative quizzes, review exercises, a ppt

3.Classification of Air Conditioning system211207.ppt

3.Classification Of Air Conditioning System211207.ppt

view 3.classification of air conditioning system211207.ppt from mechanical 501 at little flower junior college. classification of air conditioning system window a/c this is

EI Model code of safe practice Part 15 ... - Energy Institute

EI Model Code Of Safe Practice Part 15 ... - Energy Institute

it gives guidance on the classification of regions around equipment handling or storing flammable fluids, and provides a basis for both the correct selection of fixed electrical equipment and the location of other fixed sources of ignition in those areas. this new (4th) edition has been significantly updated from the 3rd edition to include:

CHAPTER 3 Classification of Propulsion Systems

CHAPTER 3 Classification Of Propulsion Systems

different types. based on the fuel type, it is classified as liquid-fuel ramjet (fig. 3.1) and solid-fuel ramjet, fig. 3.7. and, based on the type of combustion, it can be the subsonic-combustion ramjet or the supersonic-combustion ramjet or scramjet. the previously discussed ramjets (figs. 3.1

PPT - classification of matter: PowerPoint Presentation

PPT - Classification Of Matter: PowerPoint Presentation

b. types of solutions • both solvents and solutes can be solids, liquids or gases • you can have various combinations of solute and solvent phases eg) liquid in liquid – ethylene glycol (antifreeze) solid in liquid – kool aid gas in liquid – carbonated beverages solid in solid – alloys liquid in solid – mercury amalgam fillings

II. Classification of Matter - Houston

II. Classification Of Matter - Houston

classification of matter matter stuff of which all materials are made: anything that has mass and takes up space. define atoms- extremely small building blocks of matter all matter is composed of atoms atoms cannot be broken down into smaller pieces by chemical means the smallest distinct units in a sample of matter elements are made up the same atoms.

elements.ppt - Classification of elements trace element

Elements.ppt - Classification Of Elements Trace Element

geochemical classification of elements • siderophile (preferentially occur with native iron and are concentrated in earth’s core) • chalcophile ( are concentrated in sulphides) • lithophile (occur in or with silicates) • atmophile (prominent in air and other natural gas) v.m. goldschmidt.



classification of turbomachines axial-flow machines: the fluid maintains a significant axial-flow direction component from the inlet to outlet of the rotor. mixed-flow machines: there may be significant radial-and axial-flow velocity components for the flow through the rotor row. radial-flow mahcines: the flow across the blads involves



traditionally the three major classes of materials are metals, polymers, and ceramics. examples of these are steel, cloth, and pottery. these classes usually have quite different sources, characteristics, and applications. chemists have learned that the macroscopic (visible) properties of matter are related to its

Classification of Fluid Flow – Uniform Flow and Non

Classification Of Fluid Flow – Uniform Flow And Non

the study of fluid flow or the study of flowing fluids can be called hydrodynamics, as we called the study of stationary or static fluid hydrostatics. in hydrodynamics we analyze, track, and predict the variations of flow parameters with space and time. in this article we will study classification of fluid flow in different types according to the conditional variations of the flow parameters

Classification of Resources: Renewable & Non-Renewable

Classification Of Resources: Renewable & Non-Renewable

2. nuclear energy. in the classification of resources, nuclear energy is classified as non-renewable. the fuel used for nuclear energy is generally uranium, which is in a limited supply. so we classify it as non-renewable. production of electricity from nuclear energy does not release carbon dioxide. thus, use of nuclear energy is safe for the

Classification of lubricants [SubsTech]

Classification Of Lubricants [SubsTech]

aromatic oils are used for manufacturing seal compounds, adhesives and as plasiticezers in rubber and asphalt production. semi-fluid lubricants (greases) semi-fluid lubricants (greases) are produced by emulsifying oils or fats with metallic soap and water at 400-600°f (204-316°c). typical mineral oil base grease is vaseline.

Energy Bands - Definition and Classification of Energy

Energy Bands - Definition And Classification Of Energy

according to bohr’s theory, every shell of an atom contains a discrete amount of energy at different levels. energy band theory explains the interaction of electrons between the outermost shell and the innermost shell. based on the energy band theory, there are three different energy bands: valence band; forbidden energy gap; conduction band



classification according to flow arrangements single-pass multipass counter flow parallel flow cross flow split flow divided flow extended surface cross-counter flow cross-parallel flow compound flow shell-and-tube plate parallel counter flow m-shell passes n-tube passes split-flow divided-flow fluid 1 m passes fluid 2 n passes

4 Classification of Water Surface Profiles

4 Classification Of Water Surface Profiles

there are five slope classifications: · adverse (a) if so < 0 (slope is positive in the downstream direction) · horizontal (h) if so = 0 · critical (c) if yo = y c · mild (m) if so> 0 and y n > y c ·

Fundamentals Of Pumps

Fundamentals Of Pumps

centrifugal pump classification by flow. centrifugal pumps can be classified based on the manner in which fluid flows through the pump. the manner in which fluid flows through the pump is determined by the design of the pump casing and the impeller. the three types of flow through a centrifugal pump are radial flow, axial flow, and mixed flow.

Classification of Matter - YouTube

Classification Of Matter - YouTube

matter can be classified into two basic categories. matter is either a mixture or it is a pure substance. we can classify mixtures into two categories - homo...

Petroleum Classification | what is the clasification of

Petroleum Classification | What Is The Clasification Of

the classification of petroleum. for several decades now the crude oil or petroleum industry has classified the raw crude by the location from which it was extracted. in other words, oil is classified by geographic region. however, all oils from a particular region are not created equal. further classification of petroleum, derived from the

1. Classification of materials

1. Classification Of Materials

classifications: metals, ceramics, and polymers. this scheme is based primarily on chemical makeup and atomic structure, and most materials fall into one distinct grouping or another, although there are some intermediates. in addition, there are the composites, combinations of two or more of the above three basic material classes.

Wave Energy Converters - Stanford University

Wave Energy Converters - Stanford University

today, more than one thousand prototypes of wave energy converters (wecs) exist, and there are several classification schemes based on their characteristics. [4-6] in particular, the wecs can be categorized by converter types and energy conversion principles, based on a pressure differential, mechanical flexing and bobbing, overtopping, and hydraulic flapping.

Classification of Automobiles - ME Mechanical

Classification Of Automobiles - ME Mechanical

an automobile is a vehicle that is capable of propelling itself. since the 17 th century, several attempts have been made to design and construct a practically operative automobile.. today, automobiles play a crucial role in the social, economic and industrial growth of any country. after the designing of internal combustion engines, the automobile industries has seen a tremendous growth.

1.2 Phases and Classification of Matter – Chemistry

1.2 Phases And Classification Of Matter – Chemistry

2. liquids can change their shape (flow); solids can’t. gases can undergo large volume changes as pressure changes; liquids do not. gases flow and change volume; solids do not. 4. the mixture can have a variety of compositions; a pure substance has a definite composition. both have the same composition from point to point. 6.

Ginseng- Multipurpose Herb - PharmaInfo

Ginseng- Multipurpose Herb - PharmaInfo

includes 2 classifications: the 20(s)-protopanaxadiol (ppd) and 20(s)-protopanaxatriol (ppt) classifications. p. notoginseng contains high levels of rb1, rd (ppd classification) and rg1 (ppt classification)ginsenosides. rb1, rd and rg1 content of p. notoginseng is found to be higher than that of p. ginseng and p. quinquefolius in one study.[16]



• internal energy, u: the sum of all the microscopic forms of energy. the macroscopic energy of an object changes with velocity and elevation. • kinetic energy, ke: the energy that a system possesses as a result of its motion relative to some reference frame. • potential energy, pe: the energy that a system possesses as a result

Chapter 1 Governing Equations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

Chapter 1 Governing Equations Of Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer

conservation of energy (first law of thermodynamics) in this course we’ll consider the motion of single phase fluids, i.e. either liquid or gas, and we'll treat them as continuum. the three primary unknowns that can be obtained by solving these equations

Introduction to basic principles of fluid mechanics

Introduction To Basic Principles Of Fluid Mechanics

2) fluid density is constant dv 3) flow is steady: =0 (no time dependence or turbulence) dt 4) fluid is “inviscid” or can be approximated as inviscid. no frictional effects 5) no work added! we can derive this through a lagrangian derivation: looking at a small elemental volume along a streamline d∀=dn ds dx (dx is the depth into the paper).

Mrs. J's Physical Science Page - Lecture Notes

Mrs. J's Physical Science Page - Lecture Notes

vii. forces in fluids. energy - ch. 5. i. energy & work ii. thermal energy. nuclear energy - ch. 24. i. radioactivity ii. nuclear reactions iii. applications. machines - ch. 7. i. introduction to machines ii. the simple machines - lever family - inclined plane family iii. using machines. waves & sound - ch. 18. i. characteristics of waves ii. the nature of sound iii. music

Power converters: definitions, classi fication and

Power Converters: Definitions, Classi Fication And

load (called output source). however, in the case of a change of direction of the energy flow, i.e., a change in the sign of the power, the sources (generat ors and loads) can exchange their functions (i.e., restitution of energy of a magnet towards the grid). 2.1 nature of sources 2.1.1 definitions

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